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You still have time to book to join the rally to Bembridge on 8th July. Our event coordinators Tim and Belinda Norman-Walker are looking forward to receiving your booking forms.

If you think there is an event missing from the calendar and can spot a weekend when you would be happy to coordinate it please contact Neil O’Connor, our Branch Events Secretary (or one of the other branch committee members). More information will appear (scroll down) as bookings open for events.

Saturday 8th July - Bembridge rally

Tim Norman-Walker and his daughter Belinda invite you to join them at Bembridge on Saturday 8th July for Pontoon Party followed by BBQ at Duver marina.

HW Bembridge (all times BST)
Friday 7th July – 1111, 2.7m and 1224, 2.8m
Saturday 8th July – 1155 and 1320 2.9m
Sunday 9th July – 1237, 2.9m and 1353 2.9m

For newcomers to Bembridge be aware that there is a bar at the entrance to the channel between buoys 2A and 3 which almost dries at low water. Access to the harbour is restricted to high water +/- 3 hours for vessels drawing 1.5m or more. Full information can be found at which handily gives a live update on height of tide above the bar.

We have 10-15 berths booked in Duver Marina. Please contact the marina during your approach so they can direct you accordingly. All berths are walk ashore so regrettably no more fun watching Belinda row Tim around after the outboard breaks down again!
About 5.30pm on Saturday we’ll congregate on the pontoon for a lively aperitif/party before moving onto the barbeque area at around 7pm. We have reserved the marquee so barbeque will go ahead even if it is raining. The Solent branch will pay for the barbeques and provide the charcoal so just bring what you want to cook and drink.

For those bringing family there are many great attractions on the Isle of Wight. In the Bembridge area in particular you can visit the local RNLI station, the Bembridge Windmill and a number of beautiful walks. has many good suggestions.

Our Race Officer has set a course for Race 4 of the Dixon Series, details of which can be downloaded by clicking Dixon 4 (word) or Dixon 4 (pdf).  Click Solent Racing Rules if you would like more information about branch races

Whilst we have now confirmed our group booking wth Bembridge it is possible we will be able to secure additional berths – please don’t delay contacting Tim and Belinda as the sooner you let them know you would like to join the rally the more likely you will be to secure a berth.   Tim and Belinda will be in Bembridge from Friday afternoon and are very much looking to seeing you all there for another fabulous MOA weekend.

Saturday 24th June - Rally to Yarmouth

Sorry – bookings for this event closed on Thursday 15th June 2017.  If you plan to be in Yarmouth as the same time as Solent branch you are welcome to contact Mike and Carol to see if there are any activities you can join in.

Mike and Carol invite you to join them at Yarmouth on Saturday 24th June 2017.

It is planned to have the “Annual Boules Tournament” on Saturday afternoon.  We will have dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club in the evening.  On the Sunday we plan to walk to the Red Lion at Freshwater.

HW Yarmouth            HW Portsmouth
10:31  3.0m                    11:15.   4.7m         Friday 23rd June 2017 (for info for anyone arriving Friday)
10:56   3.0m                   12.06    4.8m         Saturday 24th June 2017
11:37    3.0m                   12:58    4.8m        Sunday 25th June 2017

We have berths booked in the main Harbour (Walk Ashore).  About 3:30 pm on Saturday we will hold the Annual Boules Competition with Pimms. Click Boules Rules if you would like to brush up your knowledge ahead of this year’s event.

We have a fixed menu 3 course dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club on Saturday evening.  This is a charity dinner and we will be sharing the club with the Prince Consort Regatta Charity the cost per head is £22.50 but this will include a ½ bottle of wine per person and a charitable donation. Special dietary requirements can be catered for if advised at time of booking.

Our Race Officer has set a course for Race 3 of the Dixon Series, details of which can be downloaded by clicking Dixon 3 (word) or Dixon 3 (pdf).  Click Solent Racing Rules if you would like more information about branch races.

This is always a fun event in a great location and we do hope you can join us.

We look forward to seeing you at Yarmouth.

Mike and Carol


Solent Branch members can be found in most harbours and marinas along the South Coast between Poole and Dover and the Solent Branch Committee works hard to deliver events across the year to provide opportunities for us all to meet up.

Please take a few moments to check out the branch event calendar and consider keeping some of the dates free to come along to join in.  More information will be appear on this page when bookings open. You can be sure of a friendly welcome!

Solent Members Forum

The Solent Members Forum is the place to visit to view “Event Sign Up Lists” and any other information your Branch Committee chooses not to make available to the “world at large”.

You can view the Solent Members Forum via the Forum Dropdown menu or by clicking the link in the box immediately below the Latest information area on the Solent Homepage.  If you access the Solent Members Forum via the Information Exchange you may find you have the discussion tab highlighted – if so click the overview tab to view the full version of the information.  You need to be logged on to the website to view the Solent Members Forum in the same way as you need to be logged on to access the Technical Library or to view entries on the Info Exchange.  If you have forgotten your password or username please visit the Members tab on the Main Menu where you will find help.

We issue periodic email updates and a copy of each email can be viewed in the Solent Members Forum.

Informal Meets

Sometimes Solent Branch members will suggest an “Informal Meet” – a simple gathering!

The idea is that people will simply turn up at a particular location and be responsible for making their own anchoring or berthing and dining arrangements.  The whole idea is based on informality and spontaneity.

If you spot an opportunity to propose an Informal Meet, why not take a chance and send a message via the Solent Branch Discussion Board.  Alternatively, if you are already afloat you could try using your VHF radio or its DSC function to broiadcast a message.

The Solent Branch uses VHF Channel 77 and has adopted a group call sign of Compass. Our group DSC MMSI number is 023200031.

If you do enjoy a successful meet please send a short report with photos (if you have any) to our team of website updaters to help encourage other Branch members to participate.

2017 Solent Branch Passage around the Isle of Wight

This race is for the fastest circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight and the winner will be awarded the Bill Dixon Challenge Shield at the Laying Up Supper on Saturday 11th November 2017. .

The following instructions need to be adhered to.

  • The race can be completed either clockwise or anticlockwis.
  • No engines can be used
  • Autopilots can be used, but not in close quarter situations
  • Boats using chutes or spinnakers (racers) will attract a 5% penalty on their respective base number
  • Timings to be submitted by the end of October
  • The Skipper is to record the Longitude at his selected start point and the race circuit will be deemed complete when that Longitude has been passed after the circumnavigation
  • Please refer to the Solent Branch Racing Rules for further information
  • Each participating boat will be responsible for recording start, finish, elapsed times and sailing category i.e. “racing” or “cruising” and for sending this informaion by email to Ian Bevington and Jon Bell.
2017 Photographic competition

The theme for the 2017 Solent Branch Photographic Competition is “Moodys in Nature”. There should be ample opportunity throughout the season to snap those unforgettable moments that sailing and nature present us with.  Please send your photo entries to Neil O’Connor as soon as you would like to see your photo added to the photo competition gallery.