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Roger Coppock

Roger Coppock

Membership Registrar

Welcome to the Moody Owners Association membership area – this is where you can learn about how we run the association and tell me some of your news which I will pass on to the Compass Magazine editor or Website editor.  Contact me here

Most online processes are manual, so don’t forget to give me a day or two to process your request.  Remember, sometimes I go sailing and processing times can increase considerably

Since the end of June we were pleased to welcome another 82 new members shown in the table below. The current paid up membership, now stands at 2161. Overall this is a very healthy number and represents some 50% of the Moody fleet. In addition we have 132 Temporary members, many of whom will hopefully buy a Moody and move to Full membership. In the pipeline are another 50 Pending members. So the Association is in a healthy position and interest in the Moody marque continues to be strong. At this time of year, we usually get a number of resignations from members who have sold their boat or stopped sailing. If you have been a FULL member, you can continue your membership, even though you no longer have a boat. This enables you to continue to receive the Compass magazine, and to keep in contact with your friends in the branches and their activities.

Roger Coppock, Membership Registrar, 11th December 2018

Members Login

When you apply to join the MOA a personal login to the Information Exchange server is created.  The username is assigned by the system and the applicant selects a password. The username is not case sensitive and may contain spaces and additional characters, so real names are used. If you have a name that is already taken we can add a number, such as “John Doe2”, or better still add a middle initial such as “John J Doe”. If we come across a conflict in naming, I will write to you and ask if you would like a number added or if you have a middle initial that we can use.

Updating your details
To enable us to ensure that you receive the service that you deserve, it is essential that you keep us informed of any changes in your contact details. Please use this link if you need to update your membership details – this makes life easier since the updates can be imported into the membership database automatically and without the possibility of transcription error. The MOA now uses e-mail as its main form of communication to members, so if you have changed your e-mail address please let me know so that I can ensure that you receive essential information, such as the call notices for the AGM.


Welcome to our recent new members

SurnameFirst Name(s)BoatTypeBranch
ALPTEKINBengizMAYFAIRMoody 346Mediterranean
AMARALMark & MarkCONSENSUSMoody 42 (2000s)Americas/Caribbean
BRIDGENTim & CatherineMARIONETTEMoody 346Solent
DEVERSKevinGREYHOUNDMoody 44 (70s)South West
DOLLINPeter & SylviaESTRELLAMoody Eclipse 38Solent
ETNIERDavidBONE DRYMoody 346Americas/Caribbean
FRYMichaelMELTEMIMoody 27East Coast
GIBSON & SMITHRicky & DonnaPATIENCEMoody 376Mediterranean
HAROCHEBrunoBABA JAGAMoody 44 (90s)France Atlantique
HEBDENNigel & AnnPHASE IVMoody 31 MkIIEast Coast
JOINTAnthony & SarahZINGARA OF LARGSMoody 34Solent
KARKAMPOUNASVasilisMOODY BBEMoody 40 (80s)Mediterranean
LECOMTEDidier & BénédictePAPIWATAMoody 36SMediterranean
MCINERNEYWalterORTACMoody 33Ireland
MCKNIGHT & HENRYDavid & LyndseySEIZE THE DAYMoody 425Mediterranean
MOOREJohn & HeatherOPTIONSMoody 33Irish Sea
PYLERoger & ElizabethDIAMOND MOODMoody 44 (90s)Mediterranean
ROBERTSONAnthonyFIONAMoody 31Scotland
ROTHJürgenVAIANAMoody 31Northern Europe
SHERMANPaulAMAREMoody 29Solent
SHIMELLWilliam & OlgaMOJOMoody 346South West
SMALE & DOYLEColin & VivienneSCARLETT OF DARTMOUTHMoody 38 (90s)South West
STAUFFIGERThomas & MikeKALIMERAMoody 41International
STEWART & DALYDavid & ElizabethDAVID STEWARTMoody 44East Coast
TAYLORJonathanCRISPINMoody 27Solent
VERDEDavid & YinLOKIMoody Eclipse 33Mediterranean

Members Lists

Please remember that use of these membership lists is limited to personal and private use by members only.

No company, society or commercial enterprise has access to them and if you, as a member, run such an enterprise you are specifically barred from using the lists for commercial purposes..