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Welcome to the East Coast Branch Pages

East Coast Members – Are you receiving our a branch e-mails ? You should be if your e-mail address is valid. We know that a minority of East Coast members do not have a valid e-mail address registered with the MOA, or are treating MOA e-mail as ‘spam’. If e-mails are not being received then please let us know by e-mailing east.webmaster@moodyowners.org

The Branch – The Facts

Our branch covers a very large sailing area from Berwick-Upon-Tweed on the Scottish Border to Dover, and currently we have around 260 members in the Branch, one of the largest in the Association. We are also very active with typically 12 or 13 social and sailing events organised each year.

The Branch started life in the River Orwell in 1991, and this area remains the focal point of much of our activity, with the majority of events being organised in and around the Thames Estuary. We are keen to encourage members further afield to join in and organise their own events where there are sufficient numbers of Moody Owners to make this feasible.

Our events are informal, friendly and we hope welcoming, so, if you have not attended any yet, please give it a go. If it is too far to sail, or the weather is not behaving, come along by road if possible.

We have a small branch committee of six, and some local contacts in the main sailing locations in our area. We are here to help, so if you have any questions please contact us, you can find the details on our Team Page.

Not yet a member, and have a Moody on the East Coast ? – well you are missing out on some fine company, as well as being able to access lots of help and advice on the forums and the Association Magazine ‘Compass’

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Our Next Events

Our events plan for 2024 is now published on our Events page.

Please put the dates in your diary if you would like to attend!

All East Coast Branch members will receive event invitation e-mails a few weeks before each event.

AGM and Lunch – 20th January 2024
Our AGM (very brief) and lunch will be held on 2oth January 2024, and full details will be posted here nearer the event.

All East Coast members will also receive details and booking arrangements by e-mail a month or so before the event.

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Latest News

Our Programme of Events for 2024 has now been published by the committee.

Members will receive updated information about events by e-mail, as and when it becomes available.

Colin Shead & Matt Stibbs – East Coast Webmasters

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