Mediterranean Chapter

Ken James

Ken James

Chapter Captain

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Ken James has been kind enough to volunteer to succeed Elaine McKeith who has retired as Med Captain.  His welcome will be posted shortly, but in the meantime here is Elaine’s


Don’t forget that if you need information it is pretty certain that another member has the answer, if it is not in one of the MOA web site resources. The ‘information exchange forums’ are the place to pose these questions – don’t be shy, have a go. If you don’t succeed or are are not sure how to do it don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try and talk you through it.

Our Med web pages have been changed a little over the winter. Look at the blue horizontal menu and you will see;

  1. Med Forum; An information exchange facility for asking specific questions of other Med members
  2. Med Port Information; A data base that is slowly being built by Med Members of their experiences at ports visited. Hopefully useful to others thinking of visiting these ports. Help build this library with your experiences.
  3. Med Cruising plans; A great place to tell others what and where you will be cruising so they can look out for you.
  4. Med Members list; Compliments the main MOA web site membership lists with one secifically dedicated to Med members together with details of their main or winter port. Perhaps a way to meet Moody members or seek information on specific port.
  5. Med event reports; New and under development.