Volunteer’s Guide to Southampton Boat Show

Where do you go?

This year we are hosted by Hyde Sails E018

Please introduce yourself to them if they are not engaged in talking to customers, otherwise just sneak in to the MOA desk.

Please be very sensitive that this is a privilege for the MOA to be hosted on this commercial stand.

Do not ask for any facilities, like tea or coffee, you may or may not be offered one according to the level of interest in their stand.

Space is at a premium, we have a one person desk but the welcome will be just as big.

What you will need

Yourselves, your enthusiasm for the MOA and a smile on your face.

Please bring your mobile phone and note the numbers of those before and after on your day

First Shift

If you are doing the first shift of the day, you need to set up our stall.

You should find ties, burgees, and Compass magazines and a blue file box. You will also find an envelope containing name badges, take yours and if you can’t find it use a blank and make your own.

Remove a few magazines for display on the stand.

In the file box there are some pre-printed ‘Visitors Logs’

Start a new log at the beginning of each day. This will be used for the whole day.  Use the reverse side once the front is full.

Your shift

If yours is an afternoon shift, try to arrive a few minutes early for the handover from the previous person.
You should find your name badge/s in the file box.  Agree the number of burgees and Moody Legacy Books we have remaining and transfer that number to your own Personal Sales Log – you will find a copy in the file box.

Keep a note of all the items sold. If any of the items are not available, you can still accept payment and ask the customer to complete an ‘Out of stock’ order form, paying by cheque or cash.  The items ordered will be sent to them as soon as fresh stock arrives.  There will be stocks of Moody Books on the stand and Laurence Gandar has a few, but we have only 22 copies left and once they are gone they are gone.  DO NOT SELL THE DISPLAY COPY as this is for the MOA archives.

Please ask all visitors to sign the Visitors Log (additional, undated, log sheets are available in the file box).

It is useful to know how many people have visited us during the show.
If there are any queries requiring follow-up action, make a separate note in the note book with as much detail as possible.

Advise the enquirer that all comments will receive attention.


Try to persuade Moody owners who are not members to join the MOA by showing them a current copy of Compass and talking about our activities.

If you have a laptop or tablet with you, you can assist them filling in the application form online. More probably you will have to use a paper form from the file box (or you may prefer to keep one with you) and ask them to complete the standing order mandate on the spot.  If they prefer not to use standing orders on their bank, accept the payment in cash or a cheque.  We do not take direct debit as the charges for us are far too high.  People can pay by direct bank transfer, the details of which are on the Standing Order form.

Ensure any cheques are made payable to the MOODY OWNERS ASSOCIATION.

If they are a genuine potential members let them take away a copy of the current Compass and record their name and boat name on your Personal Record Log.

If a potential new member does not wish to enrol at the stand, give them a copy of Compass anyway and an application form.  Remind them that they will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the MOA until they have received their membership card.

Membership Renewals

If a current member wants to renew (and has not already signed a standing order mandate), tell them that they can do so to do so online, but if they prefer to pay you now ask them to complete a Membership Renewal application form, and accept their money.  Mark the form “RENEWAL” Their new membership card will be sent to them by the Membership Registrar.

Compass Magazines

Give a magazine to anyone showing interest in the Association.
If a potential advertiser requests a copy, give them a copy and write their details in the note book.
If they have a business card, place it in the envelope marked “for the attention of the Advertising Manager”, kept in the file box. Additional copies of the magazine will be in boxes behind the stand.

End of your shift

Please leave your name badge and HOLDER in the file box.

If your successor does not turn up, or there is nobody to take over from you, follow the procedure for “end of the day” further down this note. It they are not with a customer, tell the Hyde Sails staff that your replacement has not turned up so you are closing the stand but leaving some items out (Compass only).

Complete your Personal Sales Record by entering the closing stock, number sold and amount collected.


your completed personal record log
· any membership applications you have taken
· any completed prepaid stock orders
· any cash and cheques that you have received.
· one of the stamped addressed envelopes from the file box.

But NOT the Visitor’s Logs, which should be put into the file box.


When you get home, make out your own personal cheque for the total cash collected to: Moody Owners Association and send it with all other cheques, membership forms and your personal sales log to the Commodore in the stamped addressed envelope provided in the file box.

End of the day (also if nobody else is coming to take over from you)

If yours is the last shift of the day, gather all the MOA items including insignia and Compass Magazines and place them in the desk.

If you have done the morning shift and there is nobody to take over from you, then leave 2 or 3 Compass magazines on the desk.

Put the unused paperwork: and completed visitors logs, into of the file box.

All sales items should be returned to their container and placed in the desk stand.
The Hyde Sails staff will direct you to where you can leave them.


Should any problems or difficulties arise, then contact the Commodore as soon as possible so he can sort it out.  His mobile number is on the underside of the blue file box lid.