East Coast Branch

Event Details

27th - 28th July 2024

Rally to River Medway

Event Description

Rally to Chatham Marina on the River Medway.

Right next to Chatham Dockyward.

Optional guided tour of the Copper Rivet Distillery will be arranged for 1630 on the Saturday (£15pp) TBC

Optional evening meal at “The Pumproom” restaurant – details TBC

Pilotage / Navigation Advice

Entering the lock at Chatham

The lock at Chatham is excellent, with floating pontoons with cleats on both sides. 

The tide can run quite fast past the lock entrance if not at slack water. Expect to crab in and adjust your positioning on approach.

The tidal flow drops off significantly as soon as you are within the concrete pontoons just outside the lock gates, so also be prepared to make a last minute helm adjustment to straighten up as you enter the lock.


Matt Stibbs


Upnor Secondary Port

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