South West Branch

“The branch that serves you from Poole to Mid Wales”

Please feel free to roam the South West Branch pages and find out what is available to all our members. South West events are open to all MOA members and you are welcome to bring guests and friends from other club and associations.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of our branch officers – click “Branch and Port Officers” in the box above, find who you want to talk to and you will receive a quick response.

Who are we?

The South West Branch is one of the 6 Branches and 3 Chapters of the Moody Owners Association. For a more detailed description of the Branch and its objectives and services to members, please click on the “Who are we” menu under “More Info” on the menu items above.

Latest News

All rallies have been cancelled because of the disease pandemic, and the table of events removed. Remaining events will be reinstated if and when the situation allows. Please check back here for up to date news.

Rally reports from last season are here.

A successful AGM weekend in Worcester was held on the weekend of Storm Dennis, which thankfully did not disrupt activities. A report of the weekend will be forthcoming. A new team of officers was elected, with Neil Ewins as captain, John Oldham as treasurer and Rob Barnfield who stepped up at the last moment as there were no other volunteers for secretary. Mary Allen remains as vice captain.

Only 10-15% of the membership throughout the MOA attend rallies and events. This is disappointing considering all the work that goes into organising them.  The boat-less rallies have been one success in reaching out in recent years, but we are always open to suggestions on ways to improve the branch and its activities. Please so do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you could assist in any way possible.

Events to come in 2020

Table removed because of disease pandemic. Please see above

You can now order a range of leisurewear such as rugby shirts, polos etc, in addition to waterproof crew bags with the SW logo and your boat name embroidered* on them. We had a direct link to an order page, however, because of low volume this has lapsed, hence to order you should call Kitz UK.

* Transfers rather than embroidery will be used on crew bags to preserve waterproof nature of bags

Please note that Kitz UK is an external company and apart from providing this leisure ware, has no relationship to the MOA.

If you have any queries, please contact the SW treasurer at

Note * in table above indicates Port Officer