South West Branch

“The branch that serves you from Poole to Mid Wales”

Please feel free to roam the South West Branch pages and find out what is available to all our members. South West events are open to all MOA members and you are welcome to bring guests and friends from other club and associations.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of our branch officers – click “Branch and Port Officers” in the box above, find who you want to talk to and you will receive a quick response.

Who are we?

The South West Branch is one of the 6 Branches and 3 Chapters of the Moody Owners Association. For a more detailed description of the Branch and its objectives and services to members, please click on the “Who are we” menu under “More Info” on the menu items above.

Latest News

All rallies have been cancelled because of the disease pandemic, and the table of events removed. Remaining events will be reinstated if and when the situation allows. Please check back here for up to date news.

Rally reports from last season are here.

Captain Neil Ewins provides his personal update (24/05/20).

Well as you know some of the COVID 19 restrictions are been lifted. Hopefully this means we will all have access to our boats for some essential maintenance. We still need to be careful and maintain our distancing, but I am just looking forward to being able to sit on my boat on the mooring. Various rivers and port authorities are dealing with it in different ways as to the use of sail boats. In the South West the Hamble is allowing recreational sailing as are some of the ports in Plymouth. Plymouth are allowing access to Plymouth Sound. My home port in Exmouth is now allowing sailing.  We managed to get our boat Sea Pigeon out of the Turf Locks and onto our mooring on the river Exe yesterday.  Many ports are not allowing visiting yachts from other marinas. We can also interpret the rules as for caravans and motor homes with “no overnight stays”. Let’s hope we can keep the spread of the virus down and so the regulations will open up some more allowing access to the South West coast and more. I am looking forward to just sailing the Torbay area but will NOT be visiting any marinas. This way we do not risk the spreading of the virus. I shall just stock up on water and provisions (and beer of course) so I do not need to go ashore at all.  The Moody Owners South West are monitoring the situation but it is still very early on and the virus is still present and will not be organising any rallies at the moment. So please enjoy your sailing if you can and be safe. If recreational water users start calling on the RNLI this will not bode well for recreational water users in the near future. The rules are very interpretational at the moment but in there from interpretation I gather that people can take their trailered boats for long distances with the car. They can then use public slip ways to launch the boats.  As experienced sailors we all know how this is going to go! Our Facebook page is full of updates and useful information so if you are not a member just log on and join up. We will also be keeping this web site updated as to the current situation. Looking forward to seeing you all on the water by the end of the summer hopefully.

Events to come in 2020

Table removed because of disease pandemic. Please see above

You can now order a range of leisurewear such as rugby shirts, polos etc, in addition to waterproof crew bags with the SW logo and your boat name embroidered* on them. We had a direct link to an order page, however, because of low volume this has lapsed, hence to order you should call Kitz UK.

* Transfers rather than embroidery will be used on crew bags to preserve waterproof nature of bags

Please note that Kitz UK is an external company and apart from providing this leisure ware, has no relationship to the MOA.

If you have any queries, please contact the SW treasurer at

Note * in table above indicates Port Officer