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Ken James

Ken James

Chapter Captain

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Message from Ken 27 June 2020

I trust that you are all well!
Well, surely we are slowly finding the path to our destinations and salvage what we can from the rest of the sailing season. 

I have a request from our Compass editor.

If anyone has stories or experiences to share
or present for your Compass Magazine. Could you submit it to our Compass Editor with a copy to me. It would gratefully be appreciated. As you can gather we are rather short on articles to fill for the next magazine.

If possible please send before the 9 July.

I am intending to arrange a restaurant gathering with meal at ‘Ola Kala’ Nidri, Greece and the next day a BBQ on the beach of ‘one tree bay’ (BYO). This will be sometime in between the last week of August and the first week of September. I will need to know the interest before early August in order to make arrangements.

Please see the med contact list, for the email address for the Peloponnese and Crete (Aegean).

Thanks in advance 

Med Captain 


Ken James has been kind enough to volunteer to succeed Elaine McKeith who has retired as Med Captain.


First,  I do hope you all are well and safe.

All those garden jobs and house DIY projects completed and now turning thoughts to when we can actually get away to our yachts. There is just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Then comes the next stage of getting from A to B and how we do it and what we will need to do it! So fingers and toes crossed!

I have updated the contact list within the Med.  This now is the latest list for yachts intending to cross borders and need local information, with regards to marinas, harbours etc.  Our fellow members have kindly offered to help.  If there are any areas that are blank and if someone would like to volunteer,  then please email me and I will add you and your area to the list.

Best regards 


Ken James

Med Captain

Don’t forget the websites are for you provide these facilities 

  1. Med Forum; An information exchange facility for asking specific questions of other Med members
  2. Med Port Information; A data base that is slowly being built by Med Members of their experiences at ports visited. Hopefully useful to others thinking of visiting these ports. Help build this library with your experiences.
  3. Med Cruising plans; A great place to tell others what and where you will be cruising so they can look out for you.
  4. Med Members list; Compliments the main MOA web site membership lists with one specifically dedicated to Med members together with details of their main or winter port. Perhaps a way to meet Moody members or seek information on specific port.