Weather Advice and Sources

Useful HF frequencies for North Atlantic offshore passages – weather information. UK and EU transmissions.

198KHz BBC                     H3E Radio 4 LW
488.1KHz Various            USB  Navtex local
516.1KHz Various             USB Navtex international
2.6166MHz Northwood   USB Weather fax  ( Synoptic charts)
4.6801MHz Northwood   USB Weather fax
8.0381MHz Northwood   USB Weather fax
11.0846HMz Northwood USB Weather fax
3.8531MHz DDH               USB Weather fax
7.8781MHZ DDH              USB Weather fax
13.8806MHz DDH            USB Weather fax
4.5811MHz Hamburg        USB RTTY weather text
7.6441MHz Hamburg        USB RTTY weather text
10.0981MHz Hamburg      USB RTTY weather text
5.5450MHz RAF                 USB RAF volmet 

Northwood transmission schedules  click here

Modulation Description
A3E double-sideband full-carrier – the basic AM modulation scheme

USB Upper sideband.
R3E single-sideband reduced-carrier
H3E single-sideband full-carrier
J3E single-sideband suppressed-carrier
B8E independent-sideband emission
C3F vestigial-sideband
Lincompex linked compressor and expande