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The Branch Committee has made plans for the following Events in 2024.

Solent Events Calendar

Event Coordinators are needed for most of these Rallies in 2024,  all event booking has been organised by the Solent Events Secrerary but Coordinators are needed on the day for each rally,  anyone prepared to become an event coordinator should email to find out what is required or contact any other Solent Commitee Member.

Circumstances at the time will dictate if events are able to proceed or will need to be cancelled.

Gosport (Haslar) Rally - 8th & 9th June 2024

We have 15 berths booked for the night of Saturday 8th June at Haslar marina. The Creek Restaurant at Haslar has been provisionally booked for the evening of Saturday 8th (although this booking needs to be confirmed). The rally will include the DIXON 4 timed passage that can be sailed in either direction, either en-route to Gosport or when sailing home.

To book a berth for Saturday 8th June please complete the BOOKING FORM and email back to Janis Sargent

For members based at Haslar who would like to participate in the social activity can you advise Janis Sargent so we know to include you.

Cruise in Company from Yarmouth to Bembridge on Saturday 29th June

We have our annual cruise in company on Saturday 29th June. The cruise will assemble off of Yarmouth (north of Black Rock) to start the cruise at 09:00. From Yarmouth we shall sail around the back of the Isle of Wight to Bembridge. 15 berths have been booked at Bembridge and we shall have a social at the marina on the Saturday evening.

Participating yachts typically sail to Yarmouth or Lymington on the Friday before. It should be possible to pre-book a berth for Lymington but berthing at Yarmouth will depend on how busy they are and when you arrive. Departure from Bembridge will be on Sunday morning (MW Portsmouth Is 06:52). If you want to extend your stay please book directly with the marina.

The cruising fleet start at the same time with VHF Channel 77 used for communication with the fleet.  The start is timed to have the last hour of west going tide to get down to the Needles. Around the back of the Island we have the an east going tide and typically arrive at Bembridge a couple of hours before high water. It is a cruise, not a race. It is great if you can sail all the way but the engine can be used if the wind dies at any point.

 To book your place please complete the BOOKING FORM and email to Andy Billowes

Poole Quay Rally - 5th–7th July 2024 (2 nights)

We have 15 berths booked for the nights of Friday 5th July and Saturday 6th July at Poole Town Quay Marina.

Please join us for a very relaxed and informal rally at this great venue. Further details will be forwarded soon.

The rally will include the DIXON 5 timed passage, details of which can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

To book your place, please complete the BOOKING FORM and email back to Janis Sargent .

Solent Branch members can be found in most harbours and marinas along the South Coast between Poole and Dover and the Solent Branch Committee works hard to deliver events across the year to provide opportunities for us all to meet up.
Solent Members Forum
The Solent Members Forum is the place to visit to view “Event Sign Up Lists” and any other information your Branch Committee chooses not to make available to the “world at large”.



You can view the Solent Members Forum via the Forum Dropdown menu or by clicking the link in the box immediately below the Latest information area on the Solent Homepage.  If you access the Solent Members Forum via the Information Exchange you may find you have the discussion tab highlighted – if so click the overview tab to view the full version of the information.  You need to be logged on to the website to view the Solent Members Forum in the same way as you need to be logged on to access the Technical Library or to view entries on the Info Exchange.  If you have forgotten your password or username please visit the Members tab on the Main Menu where you will find help.

We issue periodic email updates and a copy of each email can be viewed in the Solent Members Forum.

Informal Meets

Sometimes Solent Branch members will suggest an “Informal Meet” – a simple gathering!

The idea is that people will simply turn up at a particular location and be responsible for making their own anchoring or berthing and dining arrangements.  The whole idea is based on informality and spontaneity.

If you spot an opportunity to propose an Informal Meet, why not take a chance and send a message via the Solent Branch Discussion Board.  Alternatively, if you are already afloat you could try using your VHF radio or its DSC function to broiadcast a message.

The Solent Branch uses VHF Channel 77 and has adopted a group call sign of Compass. Our group DSC MMSI number is 023200031.

If you do enjoy a successful meet please send a short report with photos (if you have any) to our team of website updaters to help encourage other Branch members to participate.

The Dixon Series

For members attending Solent Branch events we do want to encourage participation in the Dixon Series. The intention of this email is to provide an overview for members who aren’t familiar with the series.  

The ‘Dixon Series’ is a set of time trials over a short ‘Planned Passage’ linked to Solent events throughout the sailing season, typically 7 or 8 depending on the number of rallies. Each planned passage has a defined starting gate and finishing gate (between two buoys), with a few passing marks between.

Who can take part? All MOA Solent members.

Do boats have to pre-register? No.

The passage can be undertaken en-route to or returning from the linked event. Each yacht can start their passage at any time (not a fleet start) by recording the time they pass through the starting irgate and then again as they pass through finishing gate, then calculating the ‘elapsed time’. These timings then need to be sent by email to our Race Officer at within 2 weeks of the event. Include name of skipper, yacht name and model. Also confirm use of white sails only or additionally coloured sails.

Does each boat have to take part in every Planned Passage?No, yachts may take part in as many, or as few of the Planned Passages as they wish throughout the season. 

There is an award made to the yacht for the best time (corrected on handicap) for each Planned Passage. Points are awarded according to place achieved for each passage and at the end of the season these points are totalled up and the yacht achieving the best overall score is awarded the ‘Dixon Trophy’, 

Traditionally the prize-giving for the Dixon Series is part of our Laying-up Supper. 

More information and the full rules can be found by clicking HERE