Contact the Association

Please use this form for official communications to the Hon Secretary.  For all other matter including Membership, Compass Magazine and Website matters  select the appropriate volunteer to contact by email

In all cases please include your name, phone number, post code, and if you are a member, your membership number.  If you are not a member please say so.

We are a group of volunteers so please be patient waiting for a reply, although we are often very quick to do so, it can take a little longer if we are sailing.

This is normally related to your membership. In the first instance, please contact Membership Registrar ( to confirm that your membership is active.

MOA Contacts
Paul WoodwardCommodore
Neil O'ConnorVice Commodore
Frank Lloyd-MurraySecretary
Howard WeeksMembership Registrar
Ruth CundyCompass Editor
Paul Woodward (Interim)
Advertising Manager
Website TeamWebsite Team

To the Honorary Secretary