Solent Branch

First Aid – January 2015

Coordinator: Sheena Boyce

Bright and early on Saturday 31st January, nine Moody Owners travelled to Steep, williamandallanveryhappywitheffortsnear Petersfield, to complete an RYA First Aid course.

The full day course covered every eventuality and hazard you are likely to meet. Hopefully most will never be met, but it is better to be prepared. The course covered the unlikely and possible emergencies, from the very serious to the not so serious.

Unfortunately, an overnight snow storm and an emergency lane closure delayed some of the delegates, including myself. However we soon got stuck into the serious business of First Aid. The course director was Arran Scott who tutors RYA Courses based on the St John Ambulance First Aid Manual.
An intense morning saw us covering basic first aid and included a fun hour during which we practised our bandaging skills. Most of us ended up looking like Egyptian mummies rather than patients, but the exercise was very instructional.
A group session followed that involved deciding what should go into a First Aid kit. Our joint list would have needed a large suitcase to contain the pills and potions that were suggested. The list was reviewed by Arran, who rejected safety pins as unnecessary and a risk because they rust. Arran cautioned us to be aware that seasickness remedies make you dopey; risky for any member of the crew (only the captain is permitted to be dopey). Plasters were also rejected in favour of spray on skin.
After our picnic lunch we set about three dummies to practice CPR. Although not looking forward to reviving someone in this manner, I am sure, if the occasion arises, we are now better prepared to take on the challenge. The dangers of concussion from a boom were highlighted as a boom injury is one of the more serious injuries we are likely to encounter whilst sailing.

The day went by quickly and was most informative – well worth the fee and DianapleasedClairelesssurehighly recommended for all skippers and crew. A complimentary copy of the First Aid Manual was supplied together with our RYA First Aid certificates. It was all the better for being amongst friends and fellow sailers as many suggestions were targeted at and for those who go out on boats.

Many thanks to Arran for his expert tuition, to Diana Glyde for supplying refreshments and to Mark for allowing us to use the smart conference facilities at Collyers Barn.

Participants: Diana Glyde, Allan Howlett, William & Claire Philpot, David & Jennifer Shepperd, Vanessa Baber & Alan Thomas, Paul NolanIMG_1044

Event report submitted by Allan Howlett

A vote of thanks to Allan for providing the event report and photos.

If you would like to attend an RYA First Aid Course with fellow MOA members please register your interest by sending an email to Neil O’Connor and also let him know if you might be able to provide a venue. The cost for the instructor, course books and certificates are shared by the participants (2014/15 ¬£45.00pp based upon all 10 places being filled).

Sheena Boyce