Solent Branch

Nab Tower Race en-route to Safari Supper in Bembridge – 23rd April 2016

Coordinators: Neil and Elaine O’Connor

Having booked berths at Bembridge and arranged the annual Solent Branch Nab Tower race for the weekend of 23rd & 24th April, we needed to organise a venue to eat on the Saturday evening.  The Yacht Club was already booked with two rallies and couldn’t accommodate us.  Those of you who know Bembridge will appreciate that whilst a delightful spot, there is a dearth of large restaurants nearby.  So we fell back on Plan B – a Safari Supper.

There seems to be two schools of thought on organising a Safari Supper.  One is to set a menu which everyone cooks, the other is a more laissez-faire approach where everyone is given a guideline and they work to that.  We followed the latter approach with a theme of “A Spring Menu” with each boat/crew being asked to provide a starter, main course or dessert and cheese and biscuits; and wine provision suggested to smooth out any cost differences.  The Solent Branch Committee provided a bottle of port for the boats providing the cheese and biscuits.

Bembridge Safari Supper April 2016 (1 of 2)On the day we had 14 boats and 31 crew – a great turn out.  The wind was in the North so everyone had a great sail down to Bembridge.  Our depth sounder had gone awol so having arrived a little early we waited until Diatom was brave enough to enter the harbour and followed them in.  The Nab Tower racers had a cracking race by all accounts and also had to hang around outside the harbour waiting for the tide.

Bembridge Safari Supper April 2016 (2 of 2)The weather held for the customary pontoon party, at which point rumours of what was being served on each boat started circulating.
The moules marinière as a starter sounded wonderful and Svecia must be commended for serving Spring Lamb as a main course.

Everyone enjoyed a delightful meal, and all contributed to a fun evening which finished later in the evening over port, cheese and biscuits.  Although apparently only one boat managed to finish their bottle of port.

Sunday started windy, but settled down in the late morning to a pleasant NW’ly – which was unfortunate for those going back to the Hamble.

Thanks to all who came to Bembridge and made it an enjoyable rally for us all.

Neil & Elaine O’Connor